Ambiguity From Halas Hall?

The search apparently is well on, for there is much work to be done at Halas Hall. Mr. McCaskey and Mr. Phillips have secured Ernie Accorsi as a consultant. McCaskey and Phillips have seemed to say, however, that they will be making final decisions themselves. There is more than one way to interpret this.

Perhaps McCaskey and Phillips believe that their past lack of success in making hiring decisions is forgivable, given exigent circumstances that only they are aware of. Perhaps McCaskey and Phillips believe that they have grown and learned from their past mistakes.

Then again, perhaps McCaskey and Phillips have decided that the decision will be theirs, in that they will forever own up to it, but all that they will be doing is hiring Accorsi’s choice, assuming of course that the Bears can come to terms with whomever it is. This may be necessary, as to many observers it may be unpalatable to have McCaskey seem in any way to just be a rubber stamp. No doubt he needs to maintain the appearance of total control.

There are a lot of names being mentioned as possible GM and HC candidates. From the media and elsewhere, as reported by the media. The Fritz Pollard Alliance has reportedly made three GM candidates known to Accorsi. Let us hope that with all the opinions that are being tossed around, the gentleman, Mr. Accorsi, being paid by the Bears to be the smartest guy in the room is indeed the smartest guy in the room.